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Cool School

Give Your Kids an Academic Edge

Whether your child has difficulty in a particular subject area, wants to reinforce basic concepts or needs to be challenged with more advanced material, Saturday Cool School is the answer.

Metro's one-of-a-kind Cool School enrichment program is based on the provincial curricula and is designed to improve marks, strengthen study skills and build lifelong learning strategies. Metro offers Saturday Cool School for Elementary students in grades 1-6 and Junior High students in grades 7-9.

Elementary Course Descriptions

Language Arts: Grades 1 - 2
Metro's experienced instructors use a balanced literacy approach to address the individual needs of your child. This course will improve reading comprehension as well as writing and listening skills.

Math: Grades 1 - 2
A good understanding of math concepts provides a strong foundation for children to develop superior math skills. In this course, children practice math skills to improve comprehension and accuracy. Your child will benefit from a relaxed learning atmosphere where games facilitate the learning of grade-related math concepts.

Language Arts: Grades 3 - 4
Students will further develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Our experienced instructors will guide students to better process information and ideas, respond individually and critically to various language arts concepts, and improve comprehension skills.

Math: Grades 3 - 4
Building on the basic math skills developed in Grades 1 - 2, students will work on improving their comprehension and problem-solving skills while learning to communicate and reason mathematically. Through activities and assignments, students will work through grade-level concepts and gain supplementary assistance with concepts requiring greater attention.

Language Arts: Grades 5 - 6
The aim of language arts is to enable students to understand and appreciate the English language and to use it confidently and competently for communication, personal satisfaction and learning. Through listening, speaking, reading and writing, students explore personal responses to literature, learn to communicate clearly, and manage ideas and information.

Math: Grades 5 - 6
This program emphasizes thinking and study skills as students learn to use math confidently to solve problems, and communicate and reason mathematically. Four areas of study based on provincial curricula are addressed at each grade level: number concepts and operations, patterns and relations, shape and space, and statistics and probability.

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Junior High Course Descriptions

Students will solve problems confidently, communicate and reason effectively, and learn to appreciate math. Number concepts and operations, patterns and relations, shape and space, and statistics and probability are addressed.

Language Arts
Through listening, speaking, reading and writing, students will explore personal responses to literature, communicate clearly, and manage ideas and information.

Students will develop an understanding of science and technology while enhancing problem-solving and analysis skills. Scientific inquiry and concepts in life, physical and earth sciences are addressed.

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